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Mendel in the Kitchen: A Scientist's View of Genetically Modified Food (2004)

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The Proteus Effect: Stem Cells and Their Promise for Medicine (2004)

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Capturing the Full Power of Biomaterials for Military Medicine: Report of a Workshop (2004)

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Safety of Genetically Engineered Foods: Approaches to Assessing Unintended Health Effects (2004)

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Digital People: From Bionic Humans to Androids (2004)

Scientists, Engineers, and Track-Two Diplomacy: A Half-Century of U.S.-Russian Interacademy Cooperation (2004)

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Knowledge and Diplomacy: Science Advice in the United Nations System (2002)

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Countering Bioterrorism: The Role of Science and Technology (2002)

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Animal Biotechnology: Science Based Concerns (2002)

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Successes and Difficulties of Small Innovative Firms in Russian Nuclear Cities: Proceedings of a Russian-American Workshop (2002)

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