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New Research Directions for the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (2010)

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Gulf War and Health: Volume 8: Update of Health Effects of Serving in the Gulf War (2010)

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Information Assurance for Network-Centric Naval Forces (2010)

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Phase I Report on Review of the Testing of Body Armor Materials for Use by the U.S. Army: Letter Report (2009)

Toward a Universal Radio Frequency System for Special Operations Forces (2009)

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Avoiding Technology Surprise for Tomorrow's Warfighter: A Symposium Report (2009)

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Optimizing U.S. Air Force and Department of Defense Review of Air Force Acquisitions Programs (2009)

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Safety of Dietary Supplements for Horses, Dogs, and Cats (2008)

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Maritime Security Partnerships (2008)

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U.S. Conventional Prompt Global Strike: Issues for 2008 and Beyond (2008)

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