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Letter Report Assessing the USGS National Water Quality Assessment Program's Science Framework (2010)

Toward a Sustainable and Secure Water Future: A Leadership Role for the U.S. Geological Survey (2009)

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Nutrient Control Actions for Improving Water Quality in the Mississippi River Basin and Northern Gulf of Mexico (2009)

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Urban Stormwater Management in the United States (2009)

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Desalination: A National Perspective (2008)

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Integrating Multiscale Observations of U.S. Waters (2008)

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Mississippi River Water Quality and the Clean Water Act: Progress, Challenges, and Opportunities (2008)

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Water Implications of Biofuels Production in the United States (2008)

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Prospects for Managed Underground Storage of Recoverable Water (2008)

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Plans and Practices for Groundwater Protection at the Los Alamos National Laboratory: Final Report (2007)

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