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Research at the Intersection of the Physical and Life Sciences (2010)

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Frontiers in Crystalline Matter: From Discovery to Technology (2009)

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A Review of the DOE Plan for U.S. Fusion Community Participation in the ITER Program (2008)

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Condensed-Matter and Materials Physics: The Science of the World Around Us (2007)

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Plasma Science: Advancing Knowledge in the National Interest (2007)

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Controlling the Quantum World: The Science of Atoms, Molecules, and Photons (2007)

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Scientific Opportunities with a Rare-Isotope Facility in the United States (2007)

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Plutonium: A History of the World's Most Dangerous Element (2007)

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Strong Force: The Story of Physicist Shirley Ann Jackson (2006)

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Revealing the Hidden Nature of Space and Time: Charting the Course for Elementary Particle Physics (2006)

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