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The Context of Military Environments: An Agenda for Basic Research on Social and Organizational Factors Relevant to Small Units (2014)

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Climate and Social Stress: Implications for Security Analysis (2013)

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Human Performance Modification: Review of Worldwide Research with a View to the Future (2012)

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Improving the Decision Making Abilities of Small Unit Leaders (2012)

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Review of the National Defense Intelligence College's Master's Degree in Science and Technology Intelligence (2011)

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Threatening Communications and Behavior: Perspectives on the Pursuit of Public Figures (2011)

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Intelligence Analysis: Behavioral and Social Scientific Foundations (2011)

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Intelligence Analysis for Tomorrow: Advances from the Behavioral and Social Sciences (2011)

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Sociocultural Data to Accomplish Department of Defense Missions: Toward a Unified Social Framework: Workshop Summary (2011)

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Field Evaluation in the Intelligence and Counterintelligence Context: Workshop Summary (2010)

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