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CTBSSP Synthesis 16: Safety Impacts of Speed Limiter Device Installations on Commercial Trucks and Buses (2009)

CTBSSP Synthesis 10: Alternative Truck and Bus Inspection Strategies (2006)

CTBSSP Synthesis 9: Literature Review on Health and Fatigue Issues Associated with Commercial Motor Vehicle Driver Hours of Work (2005)

CTBSSP Synthesis 8: Commercial Motor Vehicle Driver Safety Belt Usage (2005)

CTBSSP Synthesis 5: Training of Commercial Motor Vehicle Drivers (2005)

CTBSSP Synthesis 4: Individual Differences and the "High-Risk" Commercial Driver (2004)

NCHRP Report 509: Equipment for Collecting Traffic Load Data (2004)

Freight Capacity for the 21st Century: Special Report 271 (2003)