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NCHRP Report 616: Multimodal Level of Service Analysis for Urban Streets (2008)

NCHRP Report 619: Modernize and Upgrade CANDE for Analysis and LRFD Design of Buried Structures (2008)

NCHRP Report 615: Evaluation of the Use and Effectiveness of Wildlife Crossings (2008)

NCHRP Report 617: Accident Modification Factors for Traffic Engineering and ITS Improvements (2008)

NCHRP Report 613: Guidelines for Selection of Speed Reduction Treatments at High-Speed Intersections (2008)

ACRP Report 3: Analysis of Aircraft Overruns and Undershoots for Runway Safety Areas (2008)

Metropolitan Travel Forecasting: Current Practice and Future Direction -- Special Report 288 (2007)

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TCRP Synthesis 67: Bus Transit Service in Land Development Planning (2006)

NCHRP Synthesis 358: Statewide Travel Forecasting Models (2006)

NCHRP Report 563: Development of LRFD Specifications for Horizontally Curved Steel Girder Bridges (2006)