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NCFRP Report 3: Separation of Vehicles--CMV-Only Lanes (2010)

NCHRP Report 716: Travel Demand Forecasting: Parameters and Techniques (2012)

NCHRP Synthesis 431: Practices to Manage Traffic Sign Retroreflectivity (2012)

NCHRP Synthesis 432: Recent Roadway Geometric Design Research for Improved Safety and Operations (2012)

NCFRP Report 16: Preserving and Protecting Freight Infrastructure and Routes (2012)

ACRP Report 64: ACRP 65: Handbook for Evaluating Emissions and Costs of APUs and Alternative Systems (2012)

NCHRP Report 693: Attracting, Recruiting, and Retaining Skilled Staff for Transportation System Operations and Management (2012)

SHRP 2 Report S2-L06-RR-1: Institutional Architectures to Improve Systems Operations and Management (2012)

NCHRP Report 694: Evaluation and Performance Measurement of Congestion Pricing Projects (2012)

NCHRP Report 707: Guidelines on the Use of Auxiliary Through Lanes at Signalized Intersections (2012)