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ACRP Report 51: Risk Assessment Method to Support Modification of Airfield Separation Standards (2011)

ACRP Report 50: Improved Models for Risk Assessment of Runway Safety Areas (2011)

NCFRP Report 11: Truck Drayage Productivity Guide (2011)

ACRP Report 45: Optimizing the Use of Aircraft Deicing and Anti-Icing Fluids (2011)

ACRP Legal Research Digest 11: Survey of Minimum Standards: Commercial Aeronautical Activities at Airports (2011)

NCHRP Synthesis 413: Techniques for Effective Highway Construction Projects in Congested Urban Areas (2011)

NCHRP Report 674: Crossing Solutions at Roundabouts and Channelized Turn Lanes for Pedestrians with Vision Disabilities (2011)

ACRP Report 40: Airport Curbside and Terminal Area Roadway Operations (2010)

NCFRP Report 7: Identifying and Using Low-Cost and Quickly Implementable Ways to Address Freight-System Mobility Constraints (2010)

NCHRP Synthesis 408: Pavement Marking Warranty Specifications (2010)