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TCRP Report 138: Estimating Soft Costs for Major Public Transportation Fixed Guideway Projects (2010)

ACRP Report 31: Innovative Approaches to Addressing Aviation Capacity Issues in Coastal Mega-regions (2010)

ACRP Report 25 Volume 2: Airport Passenger Terminal Planning and Design, Volume 2: Spreadsheet Models and User's Guide (2010)

ACRP Report 24: Guidebook for Evaluating Airport Parking Strategies and Supporting Technologies (2010)

ACRP Report 20: Strategic Planning in the Airport Industry (2010)

ACRP Report 15: Aircraft Noise: A Toolkit for Managing Community Expectations (2010)

NCHRP Synthesis 400: New Approaches to Ecological Surveys (2010)

ACRP Report 26: Guidebook for Conducting Airport User Surveys (2010)

NCHRP Report 625: Procedures Guide for Right-of-Way Cost Estimation and Cost Management (2009)

NCHRP Synthesis 397: Bridge Management Systems for Transportation Agency Decision Making (2009)