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NCHRP Research Results Digest 366: Local and State Partnerships with Taxicab Companies (2012)

TCRP Research Results Digest 104: Synthesis of Information Related to Transit Problems: 2012 (2012)

TCRP Synthesis 93: Practices to Protect Bus Operators from Passenger Assault (2011)

TCRP Research Results Digest 103: Sustainable Public Transportation: Environmentally Friendly Mobility (2011)

TCRP Synthesis 94: Innovative Rural Transit Services (2011)

NCHRP Research Results Digest 356: Analysis of State Rural Intercity Bus Strategies: Requirements for Utilization of S.5311(f) Funding (2011)

TCRP Report 148: Practical Resources for Recruiting Minorities for Chief Executive Officers at Public Transportation Agencies (2011)

Transit Research Analysis Committee Letter Report: November 16, 2011 (2011)

TCRP Synthesis 91: Use and Deployment of Mobile Device Technology for Real-Time Transit Information (2011)

TCRP Synthesis 92: Transit Asset Condition Reporting (2011)