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Reducing the Fuel Consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emissions of Medium- and Heavy-Duty Vehicles, Phase Two: First Report (2014)

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ACRP Report 63: ACRP Report 63: Measurement of Gaseous HAP Emissions from Idling Aircraft as a Function of Engine and Ambient Conditions (2013)

ACRP Report 60: Guidelines for Integrating Alternative Jet Fuel into the Airport Setting (2012)

ACRP Report 56: Handbook for Considering Practical Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Strategies for Airports (2012)

TRB Conference Proceedings on the Web 4: Offshore Wind Energy Projects: Summary of a Workshop (2011)

ACRP Synthesis 28: Investigating Safety Impacts of Energy Technologies on Airports and Aviation (2011)

ACRP Report 46: Handbook for Analyzing the Costs and Benefits of Alternative Aviation Turbine Engine Fuels at Airports (2011)

ACRP Report 48: Impact of Jet Fuel Price Uncertainty on Airport Planning and Development (2011)

ACRP Synthesis 21: Airport Energy Efficiency and Cost Reduction (2010)

TCRP Report 95 Chapter 19: Employer and Institutional TDM Strategies -- Traveler Response to Transportation System Changes (2010)