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HMCRP Report 3: Guidebook for Conducting Local Hazardous Materials Commodity Flow Studies (2011)

NCFRP Report 11: Truck Drayage Productivity Guide (2011)

HMCRP Report 4: Emerging Technologies Applicable to Hazardous Materials Transportation Safety and Security (2011)

NCFRP Report 10: Performance Measures for Freight Transportation (2011)

HMCRP Report 5: A Guide for Assessing Community Emergency Response Needs and Capabilities for Hazardous Materials Releases (2011)

NCHRP Synthesis 410: Freight Transportation Surveys (2011)

CTBSSP Research Results Digest 8: Commercial Truck and Bus Safety Synthesis Program: A Status Report 2011 (2011)

HMCRP Report 2: Assessing Soil and Groundwater Impacts of Chemical Mixture Releases from Hazardous Materials Transportation Incidents (2011)

NCFRP Report 9: Guidance for Developing a Freight Transportation Data Architecture (2011)

NCHRP Report 671: Review of Canadian Experience with the Regulation of Large Commercial Motor Vehicles (2010)