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NCHRP Synthesis 431: Practices to Manage Traffic Sign Retroreflectivity (2012)

NCHRP Report 712: Optimization of Tack Coat for HMA Placement (2012)

NCHRP Research Results Digest 370: Guidelines for Project Selection and Materials Sampling, Conditioning, and Testing in WMA Research Studies (2012)

NCHRP Research Results Digest 369: AASHTO T 209: Effect of Agitation Equipment Type on Theoretical Maximum Specific Gravity Values (2012)

NCHRP Synthesis 423: Long-Term Performance of Polymer Concrete for Bridge Decks (2012)

NCHRP Report 714: Special Mixture Design Considerations and Methods for Warm-Mix Asphalt: A Supplement to NCHRP Report 673: A Manual for Design of Hot-Mix Asphalt with Commentary (2012)

NCHRP Report 709: Investigation of Short-Term Laboratory Aging of Neat and Modified Asphalt Binders (2011)

SHRP 2 Report S2-R26-RR-1: Preservation Approaches for High-Traffic-Volume Roadways (2011)

Final Report for NCHRP-IDEA Project 148: Cleaning Device to Remove Debris and Chemicals for Crack/Joint Sealing (2011)

NCHRP Research Results Digest 364: Validation of LRFD Metal Loss and Service-Life Strength Reduction Factors for Metal-Reinforced Systems (2011)