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Reports by the Health and Medicine Division (listed by most recent release)

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An American Crisis: The Growing Absence of Black Men in Medicine and Science: Proceedings of a Joint Workshop (2018)

Financing and Payment Strategies to Support High-Quality Care for People with Serious Illness: Proceedings of a Workshop (2018)

Opportunities for Improving Programs and Services for Children with Disabilities (2018)

Improving Health Research on Small Populations: Proceedings of a Workshop (2018)

Global Harmonization of Methodological Approaches to Nutrient Intake Recommendations: Proceedings of a Workshop (2018)

Long-Term Survivorship Care After Cancer Treatment: Proceedings of a Workshop (2018)

Improving Health Professional Education and Practice Through Technology: Proceedings of a Workshop (2018)

Exploring Partnership Governance in Global Health: Proceedings of a Workshop (2018)

Addressing the Social and Cultural Norms That Underlie the Acceptance of Violence: Proceedings of a Workshop—in Brief (2018)

Identifying the Role of Violence and Its Prevention in the Post-2015 Global Agenda: Proceedings of a Workshop—in Brief (2018)