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Reports by the National Cooperative Highway Research Program (listed by most recent release)

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Resilience in Transportation Planning, Engineering, Management, Policy, and Administration (2018)

Long-Term Aging of Asphalt Mixtures for Performance Testing and Prediction (2017)

Guide to Deploying Clean Truck Freight Strategies (2017)

Performance-Related Specifications for Pavement Preservation Treatments (2017)

Best Practices in Rural Regional Mobility (2017)

Consequences of Delayed Maintenance of Highway Assets (2017)

Field Performance of Corrugated Pipe Manufactured with Recycled Polyethylene Content (2018)

Method Selection for Travel Forecasting (2017)

Developing a Method Selection Tool for Travel Forecasting (2017)

Statewide and Megaregional Travel Forecasting Models: Freight and Passenger (2017)