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Reports and Resources by Transportation Research Board

Reports by the Transportation Research Board (listed by most recent release)

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Performance of Longitudinal Barriers on Curved, Superelevated Roadway Sections (2019)

Dialysis Transportation: The Intersection of Transportation and Healthcare (2019)

Performance of Bridges That Received Funding Under the Innovative Bridge Research and Construction Program (2019)

Benchmarking and Comparative Measurement for Effective Performance Management by Transportation Agencies (2019)

Geotechnical Asset Management for Transportation Agencies, Volume 1: Research Overview (2019)

Renewing the National Commitment to the Interstate Highway System: A Foundation for the Future (2019)

Strategies for Airports to Reduce Local Stormwater Utility Fees (2018)

Legal Issues Related to Implementation and Operation of SMS for Airports (2018)

Using Existing Airport Management Systems to Manage Climate Risk (2018)

Research to Support Evaluation of Truck Size and Weight Regulations (2019)