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Climate in Earth History: Studies in Geophysics

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Climate in Earth History

Studies in Geophysics(1982)



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National Research Council. 1982. Climate in Earth History: Studies in Geophysics. Washington, DC: The National Academies Press.

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212 pages |8.5 x 11

Table of Contents

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Front Matter i-xiv
Overview and Recommendations 1-18
1 The Role of Prediction in Paleonclimatology 19-25
2 Paleoclimatic Modeling--A Review with Reference to Problems and Prospects for the Pre-Pleistocene 26-42
3 Climate Steps in Ocean History--Lessons from the Pleistocene 43-54
4 The Carbon Cycle--Controls on Atmosphere CO2 and Climate in the Geologic Past 55-67
5 Solar, Astronomical, and Atmospheric Effects on Climate 68-76
6 Continental Glaciation through Geologic Time 77-82
7 Ocean Circulation, Plate Tectonics, and Climate 83-89
8 The Terminal Cretaceous Extinction Event and Clilmatic Stability 90-96
9 Long-Term Climate Oscillations Recorded in Stratigraphy 97-104
10 Climate Significance of Lake and Evaportie Deposits 105-111
11 Ancient Soils and Ancient Climates 112-117
12 Role of Ocean Gateways in Climate Change 118-125
13 Climate Acme Events in the Sea and on Land 126-132
14 The Artic Ocean and Post-Jurassic Paleoclimatology 133-138
15 Interpreting Paleoenvironments, Subsidence History, and Sea-Level Changes of Passive Margins from Seismic and Biostratigraphy 139-153
16 Tertiary Marine and Nonmarine Climatic Trends 154-158
17 The Jurassic Climate 159-163
18 Stable Isotopes in Climatic Reconstructions 164-171
19 Cenozoic Variability of Oxygen Isotopes in Benthic Foraminifera 172-182
20 Seasonality and the Structure of the Biosphere 183-188
21 Paleozoic Data of Climatological Significance and Their Use for Interpreting Silurian-Devonian Climate 189-198

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