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The Proceedings: Fifth International Conference on Numerical Ship Hydrodynamics

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The Proceedings

Fifth International Conference on Numerical Ship Hydrodynamics (1990)
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National Research Council. 1990. The Proceedings: Fifth International Conference on Numerical Ship Hydrodynamics. Washington, DC: The National Academies Press.

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744 pages | 8.5 x 11
ISBN: 978-0-309-04241-3

Table of Contents

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Front Matter i-ii
Preface iii-vi
Table of Contents vii-xii
Welcoming Address 1-1
Opening Address 2-2
Keynote Lectures 3-4
Developing an Accurate and Efficient Method for Viscous Compressible Flow Simulations - An Example of CFD in Aeronautics 5-22
Boundary-Layer Stability and Transition 23-34
RNG Modeling Techniques for Complex Turbulent Flows 35-44
A Flood Control of Dam Reservoir by Conjugate Gradient and Finite Element Methods 45-56
General Sessions 57-58
Numerical Simulation of Three-Dimensional Viscous Flow around a Submersible Body 59-70
Grid Generation and Flow Computation for Practical Ship Hull Forms and Propellers Using the Geometrical Method and the IAF Scheme 71-86
Recent Developments in a Ship Stern Flow Prediction Code 87-102
Computation of a Free Surface Flow around an Advancing Ship by the Navier-Stokes Equations 103-118
Finite-Difference Simulation of a Viscous Flow about a Ship of Arbitrary Configuration 119-132
Numerical Evaluation of the Complete Wave-Resistance Green 133-144
Numerical Evaluation of a Ship 145-156
Ship Wave Ray Tracing Including Surface Tension 157-174
Numerical Calculations of the Viscous Flow over the Ship Stern by Fully Elliptic and Partially Parabolic Navier-Stokes Equations 175-184
New Viscous and Inviscid CFD Techniques for Ship Flows 185-210
Numerical Simulation of Viscous Flow around Practical Hull Form 211-224
Calculation of Nonlinear Water Waves around a 2-Dimensional Body in Uniform Flow by Means of Boundary Element Method 225-238
Nonlinear Simulation of Transient Free Surface Flows 239-250
Slamming of Flat-Bottomed Bodies Calculated with Exact Free Surface Boundary Conditions 251-268
Pressure Transients in Transitional Boundary Layer over a Solid Surface 269-284
Large Eddy Simulation by Using Finite-Difference Method 285-294
Computation of the Flow past Shiplike Hull 295-312
Simulations of Forces Acting on a Cylinder in Oscillatory Flow by Direct Calculation of the Navier-Stokes Equations 313-328
Numerical and Analytical Investigations of a Stationary Flow past a Self-Propelled Body 329-340
Time-Domain Calculation of the Nonlinear Hydrodynamics of Wave-Body Interaction 341-350
Two-Dimensional Numerical Modelling of Large Motions of Floating Bodies in Waves 351-374
The Effect of the Steady Perturbation Potential on the Motions of a Ship Sailing in Random Seas 375-390
Numerical Prediction of Semi-Submersible Non-Linear Motions in Irregular Waves 391-402
Numerical Computations for a Nonlinear Free Surface Flow Problem 403-420
Numerical Grid Generation and Upstream Waves for Ships Moving in Restricted Waters 421-438
Wave Resistance and Squat of a Slender Ship Moving near the Critical Speed in Restricted Water 439-454
Some Numerical Computations about Free Surface Boundary Layer and Surface Tension Effects on Nonlinear Waves 455-468
A Boundary Integral Formulation for Free Surface Viscous and Inviscid Flows about Submerged Bodies 469-480
Development of a New Velocity Measurement System by Using Computerized Flow Visualization and Numerical Method 481-492
Automatic Particle-Image Velocimetry Utilizing Laser-Induced Fluorescent Particles 493-498
Side-Wall Effects on Hydrodynamic Forces Acting on a Ship with Forward and Oscillatory Motions 499-512
Interaction between Current, Waves and Marine Structures 513-528
The Numerical Solution of the Motions of a Ship Advancing in Waves 529-538
On the Numerical Solution of the Turbulent Flow-Field past Double Ship Hulls at Low and High Reynolds Numbers 539-552
Computation of Viscous Flow around a Propeller-Shaft Configuration with Infinite-Pitch Rectagular Blades 553-570
Computation of a Nonlinear Rotational Inviscid Flow through a Heavily-Loaded Actuator Disk with a Large Hub 571-580
Computations of 3D Transom Stern Flows 581-592
Ship Wave-Resistance Computations 593-606
Numerical Solution of Viscous Flows about Submerged and Partly Submerged Bodies 607-616
Simulation of Hydrodynamic Loading and Structural Response of a Marine Riser 617-628
Stability and Accuracy of a Non-Linear Model for the Wave Resistance Problem 629-642
Calculation of Free-Surface Flow around a Ship in Shallow Water by Rankine Source Method 643-656
A Hybrid Model for Calculating Wave-Making Resistance 657-666
Finite Difference Analysis of Unsteady Cavitation on a Two-Dimensional Hydrofoil 667-684
Theoretical Prediction of Midchord and Face Unsteady Propeller Sheet Cavitation 685-700
Propeller Inflow Corrections for Improved Unsteady Force and Cavitation Calculations 701-714
Concluding Remarks 715-716
Group Discussions 717-718
Summary of the Group Discussion on Rankine Source Methods 719-720
Summary of the Group Discussion on Navier-Stokes Solvers 721-724
Summary of the Group Discussion of Boundary Integral Method for Radiation/Diffraction Problems 725-726
List of Participants 727-730

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