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Eighteenth Symposium on Naval Hydrodynamics

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This volume contains technical papers and discussions covering ship motions, ship hydrodynamics, experimental techniques, free-surface aspects, wave/wake dynamics, propeller/hull/appendage interactions, and viscous effects.


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National Research Council. 1991. Eighteenth Symposium on Naval Hydrodynamics. Washington, DC: The National Academies Press.

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852 pages |8.5 x 11
ISBN: 978-0-309-04575-9

Table of Contents

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Front Matter i-vi
Contents vii-xii
Opening Remarks 1-2
Session I - Ship Motions 3-4
Prediction of Radiation Forces on a Catamaran at High Froude Number 5-20
Ship Motions by a Three-Dimensional Rankine Panel Method 21-40
Numerical Solutions for Large-Amplitude Ship Motions in the Time Domain 41-66
A Coupled Time and Frequency Approach for Nonlinear Wave Radiation 67-84
Nonlinear and Linear Motions of a Rectangular Barge in a Perfect Fluid 85-100
Session II - Ship Motions 101-102
A Numerical Research of Nonlinear Body-Wave Interactions 103-118
The Influence of a Slowly Oscillating Movement on the Velocity Potential 119-132
Rolling of Biased Ships in Quartering Seas 133-140
A Stochastic Analysis of Nonlinear Roling in a Narrow Band Sea 141-148
Effect of Viscous Damping on the Response of Floating Bodies 149-156
Nonlinear Motions and Whipping Loads of High-Speed Crafts in Head Sea 157-170
Session III - Ship Hydrodynamics 171-172
Nonlinear Free Surface Waves Due to a Ship Moving Near the Critical Speed in a Shallow Water 173-190
Numerical Simulation of Ship Waves and Some Discussions on Bow Wave Breaking & Viscous Interactions of Stern Wave 191-206
Analysis of Transom Stern flows 207-220
A Boundary Integral Approach in Primitive Variables For Free Surface Flows 221-238
Numerical Appraisal of the New Slender Ship Formulation in Steady Motion 239-258
Numerical Solution of the 'Dawson' Free-Surface Problem Using Havelock Singularities 259-272
Free-Surface Effects on a Yawed Surface-Piercing Plate 273-284
Session IV - Experimental Techniques 285-286
Wave Devouring Propulsion Sea Trial 287-296
Numerical and Experimental Anlysis of Propeller Wake by Using a Surface Panel Method and a 3-Component LDV 297-318
Cavity Thickness on Rotating Propeller Blades - Measurements by Two Laser Beams 319-330
The Dynamics and Acoustics of Travelling Bubble Cavitation 331-348
Nonintrusive, Multiple-Point Measurements of Water Surface Slope, Elevation and Velocity 349-360
Turbulence Measurements in a Submerged Jet Near a Free Surface 361-372
Session V - Free Surface Aspects 373-374
Adequacy of Free Surface Conditions for the Wave Resistance Problem 375-396
The Dispersion of Large-Amplitude Gravity Waves in Deep Water 397-416
Three-Dimensional, Unsteady Computations of Nonlinear Waves Caused by Underwater Disturbances 417-426
A Numerical Solution Method for Three-Dimensional Nonlinear Free Surface Problems 427-438
Nonlinear Ship Waves 439-452
A Model for the Generation and Evolution of an Inner-Angle Soliton in a Kelvin Wake 453-464
Near-Field Nonlinearities and Short Far-Field Ship Waves 465-476
Session VI - Wave/Wake Dynamics 477-478
Vortex Ring Interaction with a Free Surface 479-490
Submerged Vortex Pair Influence on Ambient Free Surace Waves 491-502
Scarred and Striated Signature of a Vortex Pair on the Free Surface 503-520
Measurement and Computations of Vortex Pair Interaction with a Clean or Contaminated Free Surface 521-532
Hydrodynamics of Ship Wake Surfactant Films 533-552
Three-Dimensional Instability Modes of the Wake Far Behind a Ship 553-566
Ship Internal Waves in a Shallow Thermocline: The Supersonic Case 567-582
Session VII - Propeller/Hull/Appendage Interactions 583-584
On the Optimization, Including Viscosity Effects, of Ship Screw Propellers with Optional End Plates 585-606
Steady and Unsteady Characteristics of a Propeller Operating in a Non-Uniform Wake: Comparisons Between Theory and Experiments 607-632
Navier-Stokes Analysis of Turbulent Boundry Layer and Wake for Two-Dimensional Lifting Bodies 633-644
A Three-Dimensional Theory for the Design Problem of Propeller Ducts in a Shear Flow 645-666
A Potential Based Panel Method for the Unsteady Flow Around Open and Ducted Propellers 667-686
A Navier-Stokes Solution of Hull-Ring Wing-Thruster Interaction 687-696
Session VIII - Viscous Effects 697-698
An Interactive Approach for Calculating Ship Boundary Layers and Wakes for Nonzero Froude Number 699-720
Viscous Flow Past a Ship in a Cross Current 721-726
A Numerical study of Three-Dimensional Viscous Interactions of Vortices with a Free Surface 727-788
On the Numerical Solution of the Total Ship Resistance Problem under a Predetermined Free Surface 789-800
The Calculations of Fluid Actions on Arbitrary Shaped Submerged Bodies Using Viscous Boundary Elements 801-814
The Flow Past a Wing-Body Junction - An Experimental Evaluation of Turbulence 815-828
Symposium Attendees 829-833

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