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Impact Acceleration Stress: A Symposium

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National Research Council. 1962. Impact Acceleration Stress: A Symposium. Washington, DC: The National Academies Press.

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515 pages | 7 x 10

Table of Contents

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Front Matter i-v
Welcome 1-4
Review of NASA Impact Work and Plans 5-16
Review and Forecast of Impact Studies, United States Army 17-20
Federal Aviation Agency Impact Research 21-24
Biomechanical Problems of the Lumbar Spine 25-26
The Physiologic Accelerometers 27-34
French Observations and Research Concerning Impact and Crash 35-38
Aviation Crash Injury Research--Review of the Flight Safety Foundation Impact Work and Plans 39-44
Causes of Impact Injury in Automobile Accidents 45-60
Human and Animal Impact Studies in U.S. Universities 61-68
Automotive Impact 69-82
Impact Studies of the United States Aerospace Industry 83-120
Biomechanics of Impact Injury 121-122
Jolt Effects of Impact on Man 123-130
Biomechanical Studies on the Bones of the Face 131-134
Steering Wheel Impact 135-140
Criteria for Injury Potential 141-144
Experiences in Head Injury and Skeletal Research 145-158
Impact Damage to Internal Organs 159-172
Comparison of the Dynamic Characteristics of Dummies, Animals and Man 173-184
A Comparison of the Responses of Men and Dummies to Ship Shock Motions, Part 1 & 2 185-190
A Minimal Compression Fracture of T-3 as a Result of Impact 191-194
The Dynamics of Human Restraint Systems 195-258
A Research Program to Develop a 60 "G" Personnel Restraint System 259-264
Full Body Support Systems 265-270
An Analog Computer Which Determines Human Tolerance to Acceleration 271-300
Some Current Impact Studies in Great Britain 301-312
USAF Impact Acceleration Program and Facilities 313-322
Path of Body Travel 323-332
Application of the Impact Sensitivity Method to Animate Structure 333-344
Automotive Human Crash Studies 345-354
Investigations on Long-Stretching Body Restraints 355-362
Appendixes 363-362
Appendix I: Program of the Impact Acceleration Stress Symposium 363-366
Appendix II: List of Participants 367-374
A Chronological Bibliography on the Biological Effects of Impact 375-508

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