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Football Injuries: Papers Presented at a Workshop

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Football Injuries

Papers Presented at a Workshop (1970)



The committees of the Division of Medical Sciences of the National Research Council have traditionally served in the role of providing a forum for discussions by diverse disciplinary groups that share interests in particular problems. This volume, which consists of papers prepared for a workshop on football injuries, is the report of such a forum. The authors represented a cross-section of disciplines concerned with various aspects of the training, health, and well-being, including protection from injury, of football players, as well as other athletes.


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National Research Council. 1970. Football Injuries: Papers Presented at a Workshop. Washington, DC: The National Academies Press.

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282 pages | 8.5 x 11

Table of Contents

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Front Matter i-iv
Epidemiology of Sports Injuries 1-16
Methods of Establishing Human Tolerance Levels 17-22
Human Tolerance of Impact 23-46
Energy-Absorption Tolerance of the Extremities and Pelvis 47-60
Mechanical and Physiologic Factors Related to Head Impact 61-82
Radiotelemetry Study of Head Injuries in Football 83-94
Influence of Physique and Body Size on Performance 95-110
Strengthening, Conditioning, and the Prediction of Injury 111-116
Physiologic Basis of Performance and Physical-Condition Testing 117-124
Testing and Developing Cardiovascular Fitness 125-132
The Potential for Cardiovascular Accidents in Athletes with Cardiac Problems 133-148
Lactic Acid, Oxygen Debt, and Training 149-162
The Formation, Maturation, and Destruction of Collagen 163-170
Structural and Functional Changes In Muscle After Exercise and Training 171-180
The Effects of Environment on Performance 181-190
The Effects of Dehydration on Performance 191-198
Clinical Aspects of Dehydration 199-204
Effect of Fatigue and Mental Stress on Football Performance 205-210
Psychologic Screening 211-214
Coaching, Game Skills, and Injury 215-220
The Role of Protective Equipment in Injury Control 221-228
The Relationship of Turf, Playing Conditions, and Equipment to Injuries 229-232
The Relationship of Football Injuries to Playing Positions: Statistical Review of Injuries Over 9 Years 233-244
The Relationship of Game Rules to Injuries 245-248
Biomechanical Analysis of Football Injuries 249-252
Computerization of Injury Data 253-258
A Statistical Approach to the Prediction of Knee Injuries in College Football Players 259-270
Concluding Remarks 271-272
List of Workshop Participants and Authors 273-276

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