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Twenty-First Symposium on Naval Hydrodynamics

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National Research Council. 1997. Twenty-First Symposium on Naval Hydrodynamics. Washington, DC: The National Academies Press.

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1102 pages |8.5 x 11
ISBN: 978-0-309-05879-7

Table of Contents

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Front Matter i-xvi
Opening Remarks 1-4
Progress Toward Understanding How Waves Break 5-28
Radiation and Diffraction Waves of a Ship at Forward Speed 29-44
Nonlinear Ship Motions and Wave-Induced Loads by a Rankine Method 45-63
Nonlinear Water Wave Computations Using a Multipole Accelerated, Desingularized Method 64-74
Computations of Wave Loads Using a B-Spline Panel Method 75-92
Simulation of Strongly Nonlinear Wave Generation and Wave-Body Interactions Using a 3-D Model 93-109
Analysis of Interactions Between Nonlinear Waves and Bodies by Domain Decomposition 110-119
Fourier-Kochin Theory of Free-Surface Flows 120-135
24-inch Water Tunnel Flow Field Measurements During Propeller Crashback 136-146
Accuracy of Wave Pattern Analysis Methods in Towing Tanks 147-160
Unsteady Three-Dimensional Cross-Flow Separation Measurements on a Prolate Spheroid Undergoing Time-Dependent Maneuvers 161-176
Time-Domain Calculations of First-and Second-Order Forces on a Vessel Sailing in Waves 177-188
Third-Order Volterra Modeling Ship Responses Based on Regular Wave Results 189-204
Nonlinearly Interacting Responses of the Two Rotational Modes of Motion-Roll and Pitch Motions 205-219
Nonlinear Shallow-Water Flow on Deck Coupled with Ship Motion 220-234
Radar Backscatter of a V-like Ship Wake from a Sea Surface Covered by Surfactants 235-248
Turbulent Free-Surface Flows: A Comparison Between Numerical Simulations and Experimental Measurements 249-265
Conductivity Measurements in the Wake of Submerged Bodies in Density-Stratified Media 266-277
Macro Wake Measurements for a Range of Ships 278-290
Time-Marching CFD Simulation for Moving Boundary Problems 291-311
Yaw Effects on Model-Scale Ship Flows 312-327
A Multigrid Velocity-Pressure-Free Surface Elevation Fully Coupled Solver for Calculation of Turbulent Incompressible Flow around a Hull 328-345
The Shoulder Wave and Separation Generated by a Surface-Piercing Strut 346-358
Vorticity Fields due to Rolling Bodies in a Free Surface-Experiment and Theory 359-376
Numerical Calculations of Ship Stern Flows at Full-Scale Reynolds Numbers 377-391
Near-and Far-Field CFD for a Naval Combatant Including Thermal-Stratification and Two-Fluid Modeling 392-407
Water Entry of Arbitrary Two-Dimensional Sections with and Without Flow Separation 408-423
Coupled Hydrodynamic Impact and Elastic Response 424-437
A Practical Prediction of Wave-Induced Structural Responses in Ships with Large Amplitude Motion 438-452
Evaluation of Eddy Viscosity and Second-Moment Turbulence Closures for Steady Flows Around Ships 453-469
On the Modeling of the Flow Past a Free-Surface-Piercing Flat Plate 470-477
Self-Propelled Maneuvering Underwater Vehicles 478-489
Spray Formation at the Free Surface of Turbulent Bow Sheets 490-505
Numerical Simulation of Three-Dimensional Breaking Waves About Ships 506-519
Generation Mechanisms and Sources of Vorticity Within a Spilling Breaking Wave 520-533
The Flow Field in Steady Breaking Waves 534-549
Freak Waves-A Three-Dimensional Wave Simulation 550-560
Bluff Body Hydrodynamics 561-579
Large-Eddy Simulation of the Vortical Motion Resulting from Flow over Bluff Bodies 580-591
The Wake of a Bluff Body Moving Through Waves 592-604
Low-Dimensional Modeling of Flow-Induced Vibrations via Proper Orthogonal Decomposition 605-621
Measurements of Hydrodynamic Damping of Bluff Bodies with Application to the Prediction of Viscous Damping of TLP Hulls 622-634
Hydrodynamics in Advanced Sailing Design 635-660
Divergent Bow Waves 661-679
A Method for the Optimization of Ship Hulls from a Resistance Point of View 680-696
Hydrodynamic Optimization of Fast-Displacement Catamarans 697-714
On Ships at Supercritical Speeds 715-726
The Influence of a Bottom Mud Layer on the Steady-State Hydrodynamics of Marine Vehicles 727-742
A Hybrid Approach to Capture Free-Surface and Viscous Effects for a Ship in a Channel 743-755
Shock Waves in Cloud Cavitation 756-771
Asymptotic Solution of the Flow Problem and Estimate of Delay of Cavitation Inception for a Hydrofoil with a Jet Flap 772-782
Examination of the Flow Near the Leading Edge and Closure of Stable Attached Cavitation 783-793
Numerical Investigation on the Turbulent and Vortical Flows Beneath the Free Surface Around Struts 794-811
Steep and Breaking Faraday Waves 812-826
The Forces Exerted by Internal Waves on a Restrained Body Submerged in a Stratified Fluid 827-838
Influence of the Cavitation Nuclei on the Cavitation Bucket when Predicting the Full-Scale Behavior of a Marine Propeller 839-850
Inception, Development, and Noise of a Tip Vortex Cavitation 851-864
Velocity and Turbulence in the Near-Field Region of Tip Vortices from Elliptical Wings: Its Impact on Cavitation 865-881
Calculations of Pressure Fluctuations on the Ship Hull Induced by Intermittently Cavitating Propellers 882-897
Hydroacoustic Considerations in Marine Propulsor Design 898-912
Prediction of Unsteady Performance of Marine Propellers with Cavitation Using Surface-Panel Method 913-929
A Comparitive Study of Conventional and Tip-Fin Propeller Performance 930-945
A New Way of Stimulating Whale Tail Propulsion 946-958
Effects of Tip-Clearance Flows 959-972
Experiments in the Swirling Wake of a Self-Propelled Axisymmetric Body 973-985
Hydrodynamic Forces on a Surface-Piercing Plate in Steady Maneuvering Motion 986-996
Advances in Panel Methods 997-1006
Effect of Ship Motion on DD-963 Ship Airwake Simulated by Multizone Navier-Stokes Solution 1007-1017
Large-Eddy Simulation of Decaying Free-Surface Turbulence with Dynamic Mixed Subgrid-Scale Models 1018-1032
Fully Nonlinear Hydrodynamic Calculations for Ship Design on Parallel Computing Platforms 1033-1047
Validation of Incompressible Flow Computation of Forces and Moments on Axisymmetric Bodies Undergoing Constant Radius Turning 1048-1060
The Validation of CFD Predictions of Nominal Wake for the SUBOFF Fully Appended Geometry 1061-1076
Appendix-List of Participants 1077-1084

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