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(NAS Colloquium) Geology, Mineralogy, and Human Welfare

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National Academy of Sciences. 1999. (NAS Colloquium) Geology, Mineralogy, and Human Welfare. Washington, DC: The National Academies Press.

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144 pages | 8.5 x 11

Table of Contents

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Front Matter i-v
Geology, Mineralogy, and Human Welfare 3348-3349
Characterization of Complex Mineral Assemblages: Implications for Contaminant Transport and Environmental Remediation 3350-3357
Surface Geochemistry of the Clay Minerals 3358-3364
Contaminant Bioavailability in Soils, Sediments, and Aquatic Environments 3365-3371
Airborne Minerals and Related Aerosol Particles: Effects on Climate and the Environment 3372-3379
Oceanic Minerals: Their Origin, Nature of Their Environment, and Significance 3380-3387
Mineral Surfaces and Bioavailabilty of Heavy Metals: A Molecular-scale Perspective 3388-3395
Long-range Transport of Mineral Dust in the Global Atmosphere: Impact of African Dust on the Environment of the Southeastern United States 3396-3403
Biological Impact on Mineral Dissolution: Application of the Lichen Model to Understanding Mineral Weathering in the Rhizosphere 3404-3411
A Risk Assessment for Exposure to Grunerite Asbestos (Amosite) in an Iron Ore Mine 3412-3419
Potential Effects of Gas Hydrate on Human Welfare 3420-3426
Health Impacts of Domestic Coal Use in China 3427-3431
Nuclear Waste Forms for Actinides 3432-3439
Illite and Hydrocarbon Exploration 3440-3446
Manganese Oxide Minerals: Crystal structures and Economic and Environmental Significance 3447-3454
Negative pH, Efflorescent Mineralogy, and Consequences for Environmental Restoration at the Iron Mountain Superfound Site, California 3455-3462
La Roca Magica, Uses of Natural Zeolites in Agriculture and Industry 3463-3470
Synthetic Zeolites and Other Microporous Oxide Molecular Sieves 3471-3478
Biochemical Evolution III: Polymerization on Organophilic Silica-rich Surfaces, Crystal-chemical, Modeling, Formation of First Cells, and Geological Clues 3479-3485

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