Out of an abundance of caution in light of the current response related to COVID-19, we will reschedule the Offshore Situation Room (OSR) that was originally planned for March 24-26, 2020. This was not a decision we made lightly, but we believe that waiting until it is safer to travel will allow all of us to participate more completely, with fewer concerns. We will post new dates soon.

We would like to thank all registered participants, community members, our venue partner University of Southern Mississippi, the planning committee, partners and colleagues for the immense support towards this event so far. We look forward to holding the OSR under safer circumstances, and for it to be the exciting event we all envision.

GRP and OSR Planning Committee

Are we ready for the next challenge?


The Deepwater Horizon explosion and oil spill ranks as one of the worst environmental disasters in U.S. history.  Every day, stakeholders are working to make it a “never again” type of event.  Much has been learned to date about preventing, responding to, and recovering from an offshore oil disaster, but just how far have we come?  What knowledge and policy gaps remain?

On [date to be rescheduled], the Gulf Research Program (GRP) will host a 2.5-day event to explore our current capabilities through interactive “serious games.”   With 60-90 invited participants—representing federal, state, and local government agencies; academia; nongovernmental organizations; industry; and affected communities—Offshore Situation Room will focus on progress made to date, points of strength, and critical questions that need to be answered to build greater resilience to oil disasters in the Gulf of Mexico.

What is a Serious Game?

Serious games abstract elements of real-world events so that participants can learn as they engage and interact with the game. Offshore Situation Room is NOT a drill or an exercise of a real or simulated event, nor does it replay the specific circumstances of Deepwater Horizon or any single event. Instead, the discussions and games will be set in the present and near future with the intent to answer: “how are we doing now, and what can we do, collectively, to do better in the future?” Participants will take their perspectives and knowledge, coupled with their experiences in these serious games, to cooperatively develop and revise a shared agenda to enhance resilience to oil disasters in the Gulf of Mexico.

Getting Involved

For this first round, we’ve invited participants in order to ensure representation from a wide range of stakeholders. The results of this first event will be widely shared with the broader community. GRP hopes to host follow-on activities that will allow more people to participate. To stay apprised of future opportunities, please make sure to:

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