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New Frontiers in the Solar System: An Integrated Exploration Strategy (2003)

Chapter: Appendix B: List of Planetary Community White Papers

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Suggested Citation:"Appendix B: List of Planetary Community White Papers." National Research Council. 2003. New Frontiers in the Solar System: An Integrated Exploration Strategy. Washington, DC: The National Academies Press. doi: 10.17226/10432.
Page 217
Suggested Citation:"Appendix B: List of Planetary Community White Papers." National Research Council. 2003. New Frontiers in the Solar System: An Integrated Exploration Strategy. Washington, DC: The National Academies Press. doi: 10.17226/10432.
Page 218
Suggested Citation:"Appendix B: List of Planetary Community White Papers." National Research Council. 2003. New Frontiers in the Solar System: An Integrated Exploration Strategy. Washington, DC: The National Academies Press. doi: 10.17226/10432.
Page 219
Suggested Citation:"Appendix B: List of Planetary Community White Papers." National Research Council. 2003. New Frontiers in the Solar System: An Integrated Exploration Strategy. Washington, DC: The National Academies Press. doi: 10.17226/10432.
Page 220

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Appendix B List of Planetary Community White Papers Mark V. Sykes Steward Observatory University of Arizona Tucson' Arizona The Solar System Exploration (SSE) Survey has been ~ priority of the planetary eommunily since its inception. In support of this study, the Division for Planets Sciences of We American Astronomical Soeiely (DPSiAAS)' the Planets Sciences Section of the American Geophysical Union, the Plme~ry Geology Division of We Geological Society of America' md the Meteoritieal Soviet sponsored ~ Plenary Communily Deeadal Web sing created by the DPSiAAS, ~~ included real-time online community forums md facilitated the creation of community deeadal panels with self-selected membership thy focused on narrow md broad areas of solar system exploration. More ~m 380 scientist participated on these eommunily pmels. They identified key issues md priorities for the next decade in Weir areas md generated 24 white papers ~~ were forwarded to the appropriate SSE Survey panels md Steering Group. These papers are available in ~ single volume' ~ Future of Sour SystemExplorc'~o~ 9003-9013, published by the Astronomical Society of Me Pacific Conference Series. In Edition to these efforts - C SSE Survey activities were advertised on Me eommunily deeadal Web sin with links to agendas as available. Notification of upcoming SSE Survey activities md request for input md community deeadal upends were regularly sent out in He DPSiAAS e-mail newsletter md forwarded to the other professional societies for distribution to Heir members (there is sub~mtial overlap in membership among these societies). The energy' financial resources, md time devoid by the plmet~ community to this process evidence the strong support for such ~ study md the broad desire among the eommunily to openly discuss md set priorities to guide our future solar system exploration effort. TITLES AND AUTHORSHIP OF COMMUNITY WHITE PAPERS Dust Astronomy New Venues in Interplanetary and Interstellar Dust Research E. Grun, Phi. Brown, A.L. Graph J.M. Hahn D.P. Hamilton, W.M. Harris M. Hormyi, D.L. Hubris, Am. Krivov, M.J. Kuchner' Aid. Levasseur-llegourd' D.J. Lien, Joe. Liou, C.M. Lisse, Do. Meisel, W.T. [leach' M.L. Si~o, T.P. Snow, 1~. Srama' I.A. Stmsberry' Mid. Sykes' H. Ymo' md M.E. Zolensky. .. Sykes (~.~' ~e Future of Sir Explor~ 2003-2013 Oo~ fair ~ ~e NROSo~r~ Explor~ Dec~l Surety> ASP Cor~ferer~m Series Volume ~~' A~ror~omica1 Society of ~e Pacific' Son Fr~cisco' Calif.' 2002. ~7

~s The llole of NASA,~ Planetary Suh-Orhi~l Progrnm in Our Explorntion of the Solar System W.M. Harris' S.A. S~rn, I.T. Clarke, ar~d D. Sla~r. APPENDIX ~ Solar Sy~em Astrometry D. Pascu' T.~. Johnson, J.R. Rohde' R.~. Stone, N. Zacharias, J.~. Giorgini' R.A. Jacobson' E. M. St~dish' B.~. Marsden' ar~d L.~. Ba11. Europn Explorntion+ Science nnd Mission Priorities J.F. Cooper, C.~. Phillips, J.R. Green' X. Wu' R.W. Carlson' L.K. Tamppari, R.J. Terrile, R.E. Johnson' I.H. Eraker' ar~d N.~. Makris. Explorntion of the Neplune System H.~. Hammel, K.H. Baines, J.N. Cu~i, I. ~ Pa~r, W.M. Grundy' G.W. Lockwood' J. Perry' K.A. Rages, T. Spilker, md J.A. Star~sberry. Prohing The Solar System,~ Outermost Frontier+ The Future of ELuiper Bell Stuilies W.M. Grundy, H.F. Levison, J.W. Parker~ R.L. Allen, L.~. Ba11, J.F. Cooper, M.~. De Sar~tis~ T.L. Farr~ham~ B. Cladmar~' I.M. Hahn, C.W. Herg~rother, J.J. Kavelaars, H. Krueger' D.J. Lien' R. Malhoha, R.M.E. Mastrapa' A. Quillen' 1~. Srama, J.A. Stmsberry' C. S~ulla' 1~.J. Terrile' md C.A. Trujillo. Planetary At~pheres D.L. Huestis' N.~. Adams, S.K. A~eya, K.H. Baines, 1~.F. Beebe, S.J. Bolton' S.W. Bougher' A. Cous~nis' S.~. Edgington' A.J. Friedson' M. Cal~d' C.A. Griffith, S.L. Gubermm' H.~. Hammel' M.~. Hof~ad~r' A.P. Ingersoll' J.I. Lunine, M. Mendillo, J. Moses, I. Mueller-Wodarg' C.S. Orton' K.A. llages' T.~. Slmger, D.~. Titov' A.1~. Vasavada' A.-S. Wong' md 1~. Yelle. Lunar Explorntion, Mnnned nnd Unmanned P.~. Spudis' S.W. Asmar, D.~.J. Bussey, N. Duxbury, L.~. Friesen, I.J. Gillis, B.1~. Hawke' C. Heiken, D. Lawrenee' J. Mmifold, M.A. Slade, A. Smith, C.~. Taylor, md 1~.A. Yingst. Terrestrial Analo~ to Mbrs T.~. Farr' S. Areone, 1~.E. Arvidson' V. Baker' N.~. Barlow, D. Be~y, M.S. Bell' D.~. Bl~kenship, N. Bridges, C. Briggs, M. Bulmer' F. Carsey' S.M. Clifford' 1~.A. Cra~oek, P.W. Diekerson' N. Duxbury, C.L. Calford, J. Carvin' I. Grmt' I.1~. Green, T.K.P. Gregg' E. Gui~ess, V.L. Hmsen' M.H. Heeht J. HolL A. Howard' L.P. Kes~elyi' P. Lee, P.~. Lmagm, 1~.~.F. Len~, D.W. Leverington, L. Marinm~eli, J.E. Moerseh, P.A. Morris-Smi~' P. Mouginis-h~rk, C.1~. Olhoeft, C.~. Ori' P. Paillou' I.F. lleilly II, J.W. lliee Jr., C.A. llobinson' M. Sheridm, K. Snook' B.J. Thomson, K. W~son, K. Williams' md K. Yoshikawa. Detern~native Minernlogy: An Essentinl Component of Planetary Explorntion D.L. Bish' D.T. V~imm, D.F. Blake, J.1~. Green, C.T. Johnston, B.A. Kelly-Serr~o, D.W. Ming, J.J. Papike' A.~. Yen, md M.E. Zolensky. Divergent Evolution Among Enrth-like Plane~+ The Cnse for Venus Explorntion D. Crisp' M.A. Allen' V.~. Anicich' 1~.E. Arvidson' S.K. A~eya, K.H. Baines, W.~. Bmerdt, C.L. Djoraker' S.W. Bougher' B.A. Campbell' 1~.W. Carlson' C. Chin' A. Chutjim, 1~.T. Clmey, B.~. Clark, T.E. Cravens, A.~. DelGenio' L.W. Esposito' B. Fegley, M. Flasar' J.L. Fox' P.J. Gieraseh' 1~.M. Coody, D.H. Grinspoon' S. Gulkis' V.L. Hmsen~ 1~ . Herriek, D.L. Huestis, D.M. Hunten, M.A. J~ssen, J. Jenkins, C.L. Johnson, C.M. Keating~ A.J. Kliore, S.~. Limaye, J.~. Luhm~, J.I. Lunine, P. Mahaffy' P.~. MeCovern' V.S. Meadows, F.P. Mills, H.P. Niem~' T.~. Owen, K.I. Oyama, 1~.0. Pepin' J.J. Plaut D.~. lleu~r, M.I. llichardson, C.T. llussell' 1~.~. Saunders' J.T. Sehofield, C. Sehubert, D.A. Senske' M.K. Shepard, T.~. Slm~er, S.E. Smrekar' D.J. S~venson' D.~. Titov, E.A. Ustinov' 1~.E. Young' md Y.L. Yung.

APPEHDIX ~ Instrument Technology Development J.P. Hoffmar~' J.R. Piepmeier, T.L. Akins' Aft. Berkun' F. Carsey, D.R. ~Boer' W.N. Edels~in, Hip. Hammel, Rip. Lordly B. Macintosh' arid R.A. Tucker. The Stuily of Comets M.R. Combi, M.T. Capria' G. Cremonese, M.~. ~ Sar~tis, T.L. Farnham' Y.R. teemed=, M.~. Festou' U. Fink' J.R. Green' W.M. Harris, C.W. Hergenro~er, P.L. Lamy, S.M. Larson, H.F. Levison' D.J. Lien, C.M. Lisse' D.~. Meisel~ D.T.F. Mohlm~, B.E.A. Mueller, N.H. Samarasinha~ M.L. Simon H.A. Weavers md P.R. Weissmar~. Titan R.~. Lorer~, J.R. Green, C.A. Wood, A. Cous~nis' G.~. Ori, P. Paillou' R. Yelle' S.J. Bolton'K.H. Baines' R.J. Terrile' M.A. Gurwell' C.A. Griffith' A.-S. Wong' ar~d K.A. Rages. Near-Earth Ohje~+ Disc~very' Tradking' and Charn~erimlion D.K. Ycomms' E. Asphaug, W.F. Bo~ke, P.~. Brown' A. Cellino' R.A. Fevig, U. Fink, C.W. Hergenro~er' A.R. Hildebr~d' S.M. Larson, I.-L. Margot ar~d D.J. Tholm. The Future of Io Exploration J.1~. Spencer~ F. Bagenal~ A.~. Davies, I. de Pa~r, F. Herbert 1~ . Howell, L.P. Kes~helyi~ 1~.M.~. Lopes~ M.A. McOra~' M.P. Mil~o' J. Moses, I. Perry' I. lladebaugh, J.A. lla~bun' N.M. Schneider, C. Schubert' W. Sm~e' 1~.J. Terrile' E.P. Turtle, md D.A. Williams. Near-Earth Asteroid S~nple lletum D.W.~. Sears, C.~. Allen' D.T. Bri~ D.E. Brownlee' A.F. Cheng, C.1~. Chapmm, B.~. Clark, B.~. Drake' 1~.A. Fevig' I.A. Frmehi, A. Fujiwara' S.P. Corevm' H. Koehm' J.~. Lewis' M.M. Lindstrom, K. Nishiizumi' M.S. [lace' D.J. Seheeres' E.1~.~. Seo~' C.J. Taylor' md H. Ymo. M~rs+ Its Place in Solar System Exploration J.M. Moore' L.A. Leshin' D.~. Bogard, C.K. Shearer' N.~. Barlow, A.F.~. Haldem~' 1~.J. Wilson' B.P. Weiss' A.H. Treimm, 1~.N. Clark' md S.M. Clifford. Defining Long Term Goals and Setting Priorities for Edu~tion and Public Outreach J.A. Grier' D.H. A~inson, N.~. Barlow' I.P. Griffin, J.P. Hoffmm' B.A. Kelly-Serrato' L.P. Kes~elyi, M.J. Klein, S.L. Klug' 1~.A. Kolvoord, P.~. Lmagm, L.A. Lebofsky' D.J. Lien' M.M. Lindstrom' 1~.M.~. Lopes, L.L. Lowes' J.~. Mmifold' 1~.M.E. h~strapa' M.P. Mil~o' E.~. Miner, P.A. Morris-Smith' A.S. lli~kin' C.J. llunyon' A.M. Sohus' M.L. Urquhart, A.1~. Vasavada, 1~.L. Warasila' P.~. Withers, md C.A. Wood. The Next Giant Leap+ Human Exploration and l~tili~tion of Near-Earth Ohjects T.~. Jones' D.1~. Davis, D.~. Durda, 1~. Farquhar' L. Gefert' K. Hack, W.K. Har~n~, 1~. Jedieke, J.S. Lewis' S. Love, M.~. Sykes' md F. Vilas. Mercury A.E. Po~er' 1~.M. Killen' md B. Hapke. Planetary llin~ M.K. Cordon' S. Araki, C.~. Black, A.~. Bosh, A. Brahie' S.M. Brooks' S. Charnoz, J.E. Colwell, J.N. Cu~i' L. Dones, 1~.H. Durisen' L.W. Esposito, C. Ferrari, M. Fe~ou, 1~.~. Freneh' S.M. Giulia~i-Winter' A.L. Graps' D.P. Hamilton, M. Hormyi, 1~.M. Karj~ainen' A.~. Krivov, H. Kruger, S.M. Larson' H.F. Levison, M.~. Lewis' J.J. Lissauer' C.~. Murray, F. Namouni' P.~. Nicholson' C.~. Olkin, F. Poulet N.~. llappaport' H.J. Salo, J. Sehmidt~ M.1~. Showal~r~ F. Spahr~~ L.J. Spilker, 1~. Srama, C.1~. Stewart~ md P. Ymam~dra-Fiseher.

Boo APPENDIX Radio Science anal the Deep Space Network+ Preens and Future S.W. Asmar' K. Aksnes, J.~. Anderson, J.W. Armstrong, D.H. Atkinson, J.-P. Barriot' B. Berto~i, M.K. Bird' Sat. Bolton' R. Dut~-Roy' P. Edenhofer' W.M. Folkner, B. Hausler' L. less' E.A. Linen' A.S. Konopliv' E.R. Kursinski' E.A. Marouf' M. Remold, D. Plet~meier' N.J. Rappaport' G.M. Resch' M.A. Slade, D.E. Smith arid G.L. Tyler. Exploring Win Bell Asteroid M.~. Sykes'E. Asphaug, J.F. Be11, R.P. Bir~l, W. Bodke' S.~. Bus' A. Cellino, P. Clark, D.R. Davis' M.~. ~ Smctis' D.~. Durda, J. Emery, R.A. Fevig' U. Fink, J. Grar~ahar~' A.W. Harris' W.K. Hartmarm' R. kdicke, M. Kelley' S.M. Larson' D.~. Lien' C. Magri, S.~. Ostro, K.L. Reed' A.S. Ri~kin, D.W.~. Sears, A. Storrs, D.J. Tholen, R. Walker' R. Whi~ley' ar~d H. Yar~o.

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