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Suggested Citation:"APPENDIX B Contributors." National Research Council. 1988. Frontiers in Chemical Engineering: Research Needs and Opportunities. Washington, DC: The National Academies Press. doi: 10.17226/1095.
Page 198
Suggested Citation:"APPENDIX B Contributors." National Research Council. 1988. Frontiers in Chemical Engineering: Research Needs and Opportunities. Washington, DC: The National Academies Press. doi: 10.17226/1095.
Page 199
Suggested Citation:"APPENDIX B Contributors." National Research Council. 1988. Frontiers in Chemical Engineering: Research Needs and Opportunities. Washington, DC: The National Academies Press. doi: 10.17226/1095.
Page 200

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APPENDIX B a_ ,,_ The Committee on Chemical Engineering Frontiers: Re- search Needs and Opportunities would like to express gratitude to the following individuals who provided suggestions, pres- entations, written submissions, or critiques that were used in the preparation of this report. In many cases, these inputs were solicited by one of the panels involved in the writing of this report. The organizational affiliation of contributors at the time they provided their input is also listed. Contributors of figures and photographs for the report are acknowledged where their submissions appear. The committee, of course, is re- sponsible for the final content of the report. AsRAMow~Tz, P. H., St. Joe Minerals Corporation AGARWAE, J., Charles River Associates AHEARNE, J. H., Resources for the Future AEKIRE, R. C., University of Illinois ALLRED, V. D., Marathon Oil Company ALPAN, F. F., Pennsylvania State University ALPERT, S. B., Electronic Power Research Institute ANDERSON, H. R., IBM ANDERSON, T. J., University of Florida ANGUS, J. C., Case Western Reserve University APPLEBY, A. J., Electric Power Research Institute ARKUN, Y., Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute ASTROM, K. J., Lund Institute of Technology ATHERTON, R. W., Sentry Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems Aztz, K., Stanford University BAEDER, D. L., Consultant BAILEY, J. E., California Institute of Technology BAXTER, J., Illinois State Geological Survey BENNETT, D. N., Brigham Young University B~ANcH, H. W., University of California, Berkeley BOHRER, M., AT&T Bell Laboratories BORTZ, S. A., IIT Research Institute BosANQuET, L., Monsanto Company BOUDART, M., Stanford University BRATON, R., IBM BRIAN, P. L. T., Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. BR~sTo~, E. H., Foxboro Company BROWN, R. A., Massachusetts Institute of Technology BROWNAWEEE, D ., Exxon Chemical Company Builder, S. E., Genentech, Inc. BURGER, R. M., Semiconductor Research Corp. CHIEN, H. H., Monsanto Company COOPER, W., Eastman Kodak Company Cox, R. K., E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Co., Inc. CROWE, C. M., McMaster University DAHESTROM, D. A., University of Utah DEEN, W. E., Massachusetts Institute of Technology DOHERTY, M. F., University of Massachusetts DORSCH, R. R., E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Co., Inc. 198

DOSCHER, T. M., The Doschers Group Doss, J. E., Tennessee Eastman Company ECONOMY, J., IBM Almaden Research Center EGGERT, R. G., Pennsylvania State University EIDEL, J., Illinois State Geological Survey EREINGER, PI., Illinois State Geological Survey EVANS, J. W., University of California FAULKNER, L., University of Illinois FEFFERMAN, G. B., AT&T Bell Laboratories F~sHER, D. G., University of Alberta GEORGAKIS, C., Lehigh University GORBATY, M. L., Exxon Research & _ . · , Engineering co. GREEN, D. W., University of Kansas GREGoc~, A. A., Cities Service Research Company GUTOFF, E. B., Polaroid Corp. HALE, J. C., E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Co., Inc. HAMMOND, G. S., Allied Corporation HAN~scH, W., Cetus Corporation HASHIMOTO, I., Kyoto University MELT, J. E., Argonne National Laboratory HENCH, L. L., University of Florida HENLEY, E. J., University of Houston University Park HENRIE, T. H., U.S. Bureau of Mines HERBST, J., University of Utah H~RAsK~, G. J., Shell Development Company H~AvAcEK, V., State University of New York, Buffalo HOPFENBURG, H. L., North Carolina State University HoRw~Tz, E. P., Argonne National Laboratory HOWES, M. A. H., IIT Research Institute HUGHES, R., Illinois State Geological Survey HUGHES, T. R., Chevron Research Company HUNT, A. J., Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory IRv~NG, J. P., Chevron Oil Field Research Co. JAcQuEs, D., Exxon Chemical Company JEFCOAT, I. A., University of Alabama Jazz, J. L., Amoco Chemicals Company JEROME, J., Northwestern University JOHNSON, D. W., AT&T Bell Laboratories JONES, F. N., North Dakota State University JUBA, M. R., Eastman Kodak Company :~ ,~ , I,,, ; KAHN, L., Illinois State Geological Survey KALELKAR, A. S., Arthur D. Little, Inc. KAEHAMMER, F., Electric Power Research Institute KARDOS, J. L., Washington University, St. Louis KE~oG, H. J., Columbia University KEMP, H. S., E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Co., Inc. KING, A. G., Ferro Corporation KING, C. J., University of California KLEIN, L. C., Rutgers University KNIGHTS, J., Xerox Palo Alto Research Center KRAMER, M. A., Massaschusetts Institute of Technology LARRABEE, G. B., Texas Instruments, Inc. LEES, J. K., E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Co. LEEs~EY, M. E., Austin, Tex. LEIGHTON, M. W., Illinois State Geological Survey Lewis, D., GAP Corporation LEWIS, I. C., Union Carbide Corporation LIN, CHENG-YIN, AT&T Bell Laboratories Lou, H. T., Union Carbide Corporation LYNCH, R. W., Sandia National Laboratory MAcDoNA~D, S., IBM Almaden Research Center MAH, R. S. H., Northwestern University Mason, J. C., University of California, San Diego MANz~oNE, L. T., AT&T Bell Laboratories MARGOLIN, S. V., Consultant MATH~s, J. F., NL Industries MATTSON, J. F., Sepracor, Inc. MAZD1YASNT, K. S., Wright-Patterson Air Force Base MEMERING, M. N., Pfizer Pigments, Inc. MERRIMAN, J. R., Union Carbide Corporation MERZ, J. L., University of California, Santa Barbara MILLER, J., University of Utah MILLER, S. D., Ampex Corporation MoRAR~, M., California Institute of Technology MoRR~soN, D. L., IIT Research Institute MOTARD, R. L., Washington University MUNTER, J. D. MURATA, H., The Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.

200 NAGEL, S. R., AT&T Bell Laboratories NEWMAN, J. S., University of California N~sH~MuRA, A., O Konica Technology Inc. O'BRYAN, H. M., JR., AT&T Bell Laboratories OTTO, R. J., Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory OUBRE, C., Shell Development Company OVERCASH, M. R., North Carolina State University PA~ssoN, B., University of Michigan PEPPAS, N. A., Purdue University PETR~cK, M., Argonne National Laboratory PHILLIPS, J., Boeing Computer Services, Inc. PIMENTAL, D., Cornell University PIPES, R. B., University of Delaware POSNIK, A., Ferro Corporation PRATER, D., California Institute of Technology PRETT, D. M., Shell Development Company PRoGE~HoF, R. C., AT&T Bell Laboratories PRUD HOMME, R. K., Princeton University RAJAGOPAEAN, R., Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute RANKIN, J. D., Imperial Chemical Industries RAWSON, N. E., IBM RAY, W. H., University of Wisconsin REKLAITIS, G. V., Purdue University Rice, R. W., W. R. Grace and Company RIPPIN, D., ETH-Zentrum ROBERTSON, J. L., Exxon Research and Engineering Co. RoDR~GuEz, F., Cornell University ROGERS, K., National Science Foundation Rove, M. J., Owens/Corning Fiberglas ROSENBERG, R. B., Gas Research Institute ROSSEN, R. H., Exxon Production Research Company ROSTENBACH, R. E., National Science Foundation RUSHAK, K., Eastman Kodak Co. SATHER, N. F., Argonne National Laboratory SAw~cK~, E., Microsafe, Inc. SAXENA, A. N., Gould AMI Semiconductors SCHOENBERGER, R. J., Roy E. Weston, Inc. SCHWARTZ, B.,IBM SCOTT,C. D., Oak Ridge National Laboratory APPENDIX B SCOTT, J. W., Chevron Research Company (retired) SHAH,S. L., University of Alberta SHAH,Y. T., University of Pittsburgh SHAW, D., Texas Instruments, Inc. SHAW, H., New Jersey Institute of Technology STEG, R. P., Chevron Research Company (retired) SKALNY, J. A., W. R. Grace and Company SMYRL, W. H., University of Minnesota SMITH, D., E. I. du Pont de Nemours & Co., Inc. SNEDIKER, D. K., Battelle Columbus Laboratories SOHN, H. Y., University of Utah SOLOMON, P. R., Advanced Fuel Research SQu~REs, A. M., Virginia Polytechnic Institute STADTHERR, M. A., University of Illinois STEINDEER, M. J., Argonne National Laboratory STEPHANOPOULOS, G., Massachusetts Institute of Technology STEVENSON, F. D., U.S. Department of Energy TEBO, P. V., E. I. du Pont de Nemours & Co., Inc. THEMELIS, N. K., Columbia University THURSTON, C. W., Union Carbide Corporation TOBIAS, C. W., University of California TRACHTENBERG, I., Texas Instruments, Inc. ULMER, K., Genex Corporation UMEDA, T., Chiyoda Chemical Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd. VAEENTAS, K., Pillsbury Corporation WADSWORTH, M., University of Utah WANG, D. I. C., Massachusetts Institute of Technology WENDT, J. O. L., University of Arizona WHITE, J. R., Consultant WHITELEY, R. L., Research and Innovation Management WHITESIDES, G. M., Harvard University WYMER, R. G., Oak Ridge National Laboratory

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