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Notice and Title Page

1 Welcome
  Menas Kafatos, George Mason University

2 Conference Introduction
  Bruce Alberts, National Academy of Sciences

Interdisciplinary and Intersectoral Data Applications: A Focus on Environmental Observations

3 Administration Keynote Address: Environmental Observation Data for Addressing National Priorities--The Challenge and the Promise
  D. James Baker, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

4 Gateway to the Earth--A Framework for a National Decision Support System
  Barbara Ryan, U.S. Geological Survey

5 Advances in Applied Interdisciplinary Research Using Environmental Observations: Focus on Environmental Real Estate Applications
  Thomas Gay, VISTA Information Solutions

6 The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and the Futures Market: Common Climate Data Management Requirements?
  Thomas Karl, National Climatic Data Center

7 NYMEX Energy Markets and the Use of Environmental Data
  Bradford Leach, New York Mercantile Exchange

8 Weather Risk Management
  Lynda Clemmons, Weather Risk Management Association

9 Teaching Our Kids about Science and the Natural Environment
  Steven Richards, District 11 Weather Study Program, Bronx, New York

10 Weather Data--Implications of Increased Privatization
  Raymond Ban, The Weather Channel

11 Intellectual Property Law and Policy Issues in Interdisciplinary and Intersectoral Data Applications
  Stephen Maurer, Attorney

12 Obtaining Descriptive Data to Describe Database Use and Users: Policy Issues and Strategies
  Charles McClure, Florida State University

13 University Technology Transfer Practices: Reconciling the Academic and Commercial Interests in Data Access and Use
  Lita Nelsen, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

14 Congressional Keynote Address: Using Scientific and Technical Data in the National Interest
  The Honorable Rush Holt (D-NJ)

15 Industrial Keynote Address: Data Mining and Databases
  Usama Fayyad, Microsoft Research

16 Diverse Geospatial Information Integration
  Daniel Gordon, Autometric, Inc.

17 Long-term Preservation of High-Quality Information
  Walter Warnick, Department of Energy

18 Developing Standards for Interdisciplinary and Intersectoral Data Applications
  John Rumble, Jr., National Institute of Standards and Technology

19 Experience with Metadata on the Internet
  James Restivo, Blue Angel Technologies

20 Data Management Issues at the Agricultural Research Service
  Floyd Horn, Department of Agriculture

21 Making Health Information Available to the Public: The Federal Opportunity
  Donald Lindberg, National Library of Medicine

22 Evaluating Data Management Productivity and Performance in Government: The View from the Trenches
  Thomas Mace, Environmental Protection Agency

23 Promoting Data Access for a Broad User Base
  Matthew Schwaller, National Aeronautics and Space Administration


A. Biographical Summaries of Conference Speakers
B. Conference Program and Attendee List
C. Abstracts of Conference Plenary Presentations, Contributed Papers, and Technical Demonstrations
D. Abbreviations and Acronyms