The Role of Small Satellites
in NASA and NOAA
Earth Observation Programs

Membership and Reviewers


MARK R. ABBOTT, Oregan State University, Chair
OTIS B. BROWN,** University of Miami
JOHN R. CHRISTY, University of Alabama, Huntsville
CATHERINE GAUTIER, University of California, Santa Barbara
DANIEL J. JACOB,** Harvard University
CHRIS J. JOHANNSEN,* Purdue University
CHRISTOPHER O. JUSTICE, University of Virginia
VICTOR V. KLEMAS,* University of Delaware
M. PATRICK McCORMICK,** Hampton University
ARAM M. MIKA,* Lockheed Martin Missiles and Space
RALPH F. MILLIFF, National Center for Atmospheric Research
RICHARD K. MOORE,* University of Kansas
SCOTT PACE, RAND DALLAS L. PECK, U.S. Geological Survey (retired)
MICHAEL J. PRATHER, University of California, Irvine
R. KEITH RANEY, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
DAVID T. SANDWELL, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
LAWRENCE C. SCHOLZ, West Orange, New Jersey
CARL F. SCHUELER, Raytheon Santa Barbara Remote Sensing
WALTER S. SCOTT,* EarthWatch
GRAEME L. STEPHENS, Colorado State University
KATHRYN D. SULLIVAN,* Columbus Ohio's Center of Science and Industry
FAWWAZ T. ULABY, University of Michigan
SUSAN L. USTIN, University of California, Davis
FRANK J. WENTZ, Remote Sensing Systems
THOMAS T. WILHEIT, JR.,* Texas A&M University
EDWARD F. ZALEWSKI, University of Arizona

ARTHUR B. CHARO, Senior Program Officer
INA B. ALTERMAN, Senior Program Officer
CARMELA J. CHAMBERLAIN, Senior Project Assistant (through March 1999)
THERESA M. FISHER, Senior Project Assistant (from April 1999)

 *Term ended 1998.
**Term ended in 1999.


CLAUDE R. CANIZARES, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Chair
MARK R. ABBOTT, Oregon State University
FRAN BAGENAL, University of Colorado
DANIEL N. BAKER, University of Colorado
ROBERT E. CLELAND, University of Washington
GERARD W. ELVERUM, JR., TRW Space and Technology Group*
MARILYN L. FOGEL, Carnegie Institution of Washington
BILL GREEN, former member, U.S. House of Representatives
JOHN H. HOPPS, JR., Morehouse College
CHRIS J. JOHANNSEN, Purdue University
ANDREW H. KNOLL, Harvard University*
RICHARD G. KRON, University of Chicago
JONATHAN I. LUNINE, University of Arizona
GARY J. OLSEN, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
MARY JANE OSBORN, University of Connecticut Health Center
GEORGE A. PAULIKAS, The Aerospace Corporation
JOYCE E. PENNER, University of Michigan
THOMAS A. PRINCE, California Institute of Technology
PEDRO L. RUSTAN, JR., Ellipso, Inc.
GEORGE L. SISCOE, Boston University
EUGENE B. SKOLNIKOFF, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MITCHELL SOGIN, Marine Biological Laboratory
NORMAN E. THAGARD, Florida State University
ALAN M. TITLE, Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Center
RAYMOND VISKANTA, Purdue University
PETER W. VOORHEES, Northwestern University
JOHN A. WOOD, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics


*Former member.


PETER M. BANKS, Veridian ERIM International, Inc., Co-chair
W. CARL LINEBERGER, University of Colorado, Co-chair
WILLIAM F. BALLHAUS, JR., Lockheed Martin Corp.
SHIRLEY CHIANG, University of California
MARSHALL H. COHEN, California Institute of Technology
RONALD G. DOUGLAS, Texas A&M University
SAMUEL H. FULLER, Analog Devices, Inc.
JERRY P. GOLLUB, Haverford College
MICHAEL F. GOODCHILD, University of California at Santa Barbara
MARTHA P. HAYNES, Cornell University
WESLEY T. HUNTRESS, JR., Carnegie Institution
CAROL M. JANTZEN, Westinghouse Savannah River Company
PAUL G. KAMINSKI, Technovation, Inc.
KENNETH H. KELLER, University of Minnesota
JOHN R. KREICK, Sanders, a Lockheed Martin Company (retired)
MARSHA I. LESTER, University of Pennsylvania
DUSA M. McDUFF, State University of New York at Stony Brook
JANET L. NORWOOD, Former Commissioner, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
M. ELISABETH PATÉ-CORNELL, Stanford University
NICHOLAS P. SAMIOS, Brookhaven National Laboratory
ROBERT J. SPINRAD, Xerox PARC (retired)

NORMAN METZGER, Executive Director (through July 1999)
MYRON F. UMAN, Acting Executive Director

Acknowledgment of Reviewers

This report has been reviewed by individuals chosen for their diverse perspectives and technical expertise, in accordance with procedures approved by the National Research Council's (NRC's) Report Review Committee. The purpose of this independent review is to provide candid and critical comments that will assist the authors and the NRC in making the published report as sound as possible and to ensure that the report meets institutional standards for objectivity, evidence, and responsiveness to the study charge. The contents of the review comments and draft manuscript remain confidential to protect the integrity of the deliberative process. We wish to thank the following individuals for their participation in the review of this report:

    David Atlas, Atlas Concepts;
    Peter Burr, consultant;
    Greg H. Canavan, Los Alamos National Laboratory;
    Leonard A. Fisk, University of Michigan;
    Margaret G. Kivelson, University of California at Los Angeles;
    Marlon R. Lewis, Dahlousie University, Canada; and Eberhardt Recktin, consultant.

Although the individuals listed above have provided many constructive comments and suggestions, responsibility for the final content of this report rests solely with the authoring task group and the NRC.

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