NCHRP Report 511: Guide for Customer-Driven Benchmarking of Maintenance Activities
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NCHRP Report 511:
Guide for Customer-Driven Benchmarking of Maintenance Activities
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TRB's National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) Report 511: Guide for Customer-Driven Benchmarking of Maintenance Activities provides guidance on how to evaluate and improve an agency's performance through a process called "customer-driven benchmarking." The objective of benchmarking is to identify, evaluate, and implement best practices by comparing the performance of agencies.


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276 pages | 8.5 x 11

Table of Contents

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Front Matter i-ix
Introduction to the Guide 1-5
What Is Benchmarking? 6-6
What Is Customer-Driven Benchmarking? 7-8
How Do You Recognize Best Performances and Practices? 9-10
Why Benchmark? What Are the Benefits? 11-11
Prerequisites for Customer-Driven Benchmarking 12-13
Scope of Customer-Driven Benchmarking 14-15
Who Is Involved? 16-17
Getting Started 18-22
Rewards and Recognition 23-23
Benchmarking Myths 24-24
Critical Success Factors 25-26
Chapter 2 - Selecting Benchmarking Partners 27-28
Criteria for Selecting Partners 29-32
Determining the Organizational Level at Which to Benchmark 33-33
Number of Benchmarking Partners 34-34
Negotiating a Customer-Driven Benchmarking Partners Agreement 35-41
Enrolling Benchmarking Units in Each Organization 42-42
Types of Measures 43-45
Outcomes 46-53
Commonly Recognized Measures 54-63
A Catalog of Measures 64-67
Resource Measures 68-70
Hardship Factors 71-73
Output Measures 74-75
An Overview of the Steps 76-78
Step 1: Select Partners 79-81
Step 2: Establish Measures 82-120
Step 3: Measure Performance 121-130
Step 4: Identify Best Performances and Practices 131-171
Step 5: Implement and Continuously Improve, 172-174
References 175-181
Appendix A - Draft Benchmarking Agreement 182-184
Appendix B - Catalog of Benchmarking Measures 185-209
Appendix C - Guidance on Designing and Administering Surveys 210-213
Appendix D - Assessing Value Added to Customers 214-230
Appendix E - Surveys Administered by the States to Their Customers 231-246
Appendix F - Blank Worksheets 247-266
Abbreviations used without definitions in TRB publications 267-267

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