TCRP Report 137: Improving Pedestrian and Motorist Safety Along Light Rail Alignments
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TCRP Report 137:
Improving Pedestrian and Motorist Safety Along Light Rail Alignments
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TRB's Transit Cooperative Research Program (TCRP) Report 137: Improving Pedestrian and Motorist Safety Along Light Rail Alignments examines pedestrian and motorist behaviors contributing to light rail transit (LRT) safety and explores mitigating measures available designed to improve safety along LRT alignments. The report also includes suggestions to facilitate the compilation of accident data in a coordinated and homogeneous manner across LRT systems. Finally, the report provides a catalog of existing and innovative safety devices, safety treatments, and practices along LRT alignments. Appendices B through E of TCRP Report 137 were published as TCRP Web-Only Document 42.


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159 pages | 8.5 x 11

Table of Contents

skim chapter
Front Matter i-xi
Summary 1-7
Phase I 8-8
Phase II 9-9
Structure of Final Report 10-11
Literature Review 12-12
Telephone Consultations 13-13
Site Visits 14-14
LRT Exposure to Pedestrians and Motor Vehicles 15-16
Top LRT Safety Issues 17-18
LRT Safety Treatments 19-19
Summary 20-20
Data Collection and Transfer between FTA/NTD, SSO, and Local Transit Agencies 21-21
National Transit Database 22-22
Data Collected by NTD 23-23
The NTD Database 24-24
NTD Data Quality Issues 25-30
Analysis of the NTD Database 31-40
Purpose of SSO Agency Safety Data Collection 41-41
SSO Databases 42-42
Data Collected by Local Transit Agencies 43-44
Comparison of Databases 45-45
Comparison of Local Transit Agency and SSO Agency Databases 46-47
Comparison of Local Transit Agency and NTD Databases 48-49
Conclusion 50-51
Root Causes and Contributing Factors 52-52
Determining the Highest Risk LRT Safety Issues 53-53
Building a Safety Analysis Toolkit 54-54
General Treatment Strategies 55-55
Introduction to the Catalog of LRT Safety Treatments 56-56
LRT Safety Treatments Included in the Catalog 57-57
Safety Treatment Information Included in the Catalog 58-58
Design Stage 59-59
In-use Stage 60-60
Prepare and Submit Safety Audit Report 61-61
DoD Standard Practice for System Safety (MIL-STD-882D) 62-62
LRT Risk Assessment Checklist 63-65
Agencies with Multiple Accident Report Forms 66-66
Categories of Information Included in Accident Reports 67-69
FTA/NTD Data 70-70
Structure of Reporting Forms 71-71
Summary of Information to Be Included in the LRT Collision Database and Reporting Form 72-73
References 74-74
Appendix A - LRT Catalog of Safety Treatments 75-146
Appendix E - Review of the Accident Data Collection Process 147-147
Abbreviations used without definitions in TRB publications 148-148

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