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“We could do that,” said Delva. “Good idea!”

“So, which Lwa did you pray to to get Medishare to Thomonde?” I asked with a knowing smile.

Delva returned a smile of his own. “Dr. Fournier, do you even have to ask?”

“My guess would be Damballah, but I really need to know. You never know when I might need some help!”

The helicopter ride back to Port-au-Prince was the most visually beautiful experience in my life. The Artibonite shone as a silver ribbon stretching to the horizon. The setting sun illuminated the hills and mountains in russet and gold. They in turn cast gray-green shadows across the valleys and plains. Waves of gold and shadow—a metaphor for Haiti, land of contrasts. Beauty and misery, slavery and freedom, death and resurrection. What more could one ask for from a country?

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