The National Institutes of Health and the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality should support the validation and development of existing and new diagnostic and therapeutic technologies. (Recommendation 6.1)


New and existing sleep programs in academic health centers should conform to meet the criteria of a type I, II, or III interdisciplinary sleep program. (Recommendation 9.1)

Type I clinical interdisciplinary sleep program

Type II clinical, research, and training interdisciplinary sleep program

Type III regional comprehensive sleep program

It is recommended that the National Institutes of Health establish a national somnology and sleep medicine research network. (Recommendation 8.2)

Sleep laboratories should be part of accredited sleep centers, which include long-term strategies for patient care and chronic disease management. (Recommendation 9.2)

NOTE: For ease of reference, the committee’s recommendations are numbered according to the chapter of the main text in which they appear followed by the order in which they appear in the chapter.

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