• Characterization of nanophotonic materials and devices;

  • Modeling and simulation; and

  • Packaging and integration.


Following this introductory chapter, the four areas that comprise nanophotonics are described in more depth in Chapter 2; supporting material in Appendix D describes a representative sampling of research efforts in the area of plasmonics. The enabling technologies for nanophotonics, including nanomaterials growth, synthesis and fabrication, characterization of nanophotonic materials and devices, nanoscale device integration, nanophotonic packaging, and modeling and simulation, are discussed in Chapter 3. Chapter 4 presents potential applications of nanophotonics, emphasizing those of interest to the defense and intelligence communities. The focus of Chapter 5 is international capabilities and investments in nanophotonics. Finally, Chapter 6 discusses the relevance of nanophotonics to major strategic and critical military technologies and summarizes the committee’s conclusions and recommendations.


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