a range of partners, it should be possible to identify meaningful activities for almost any environment of security interest to the United States.

  • Chapter 5 addresses strategic implementation issues for CTR 2.0 and how to move from concept to action. The chapter draws together several actions from the findings and recommendations.

  • The appendixes provide references and other supporting documentation for the discussions in the report.


The committee members and staff reviewed many relevant reports, some of which were released around the time this report went into review. To the extent possible, the committee considered the findings and recommendations of these and other relevant studies. Key documents are cited in the text, footnotes, and appendixes of the report (see Appendix C).

Additionally, the committee held several meetings in Washington, D.C. (see Appendix D), during which it received briefings from officials and representatives from DTRA, the Departments of Defense, State, Energy, and Health and Human Services, and nongovernmental organizations engaged in implementing and analyzing CTR programs. In response to initial findings, several committee members and staff visited the headquarters of the U.S. Pacific Command, European Command, and the newly formed African Command. Finally, the committee has collected a large library of open-source, publicly available materials on the CTR program to support its research. Following the close of this project, these resources will be made available to the public via the Internet.

The committee and the Department of Defense, as the report sponsor, recognized that discussing options for global security engagement could easily lead to classified issues. Therefore, by mutual agreement, issues such as the role of the intelligence community, the relationship between CTR programs and other security negotiations, and sensitive information on the relationship between the United States and other governments are not explored in this report.

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