Do you get organic price premiums for your products?



Have these premiums increased or declined in recent years?



How important are these premiums to your ability to use organic practices?



Are organic premiums important to your decision to use sustainable practices?

  1. What are your approximate annual gross sales of farm products?

  2. What is your approximate income from government program payments?

  3. Are there other sources of farm income?

Net Income
  1. In how many of the last 5 years has your enterprise made a profit?

  2. Has your net income increased over the last 5 years?

Farm versus Off-farm Income
  1. Does anyone in your family work off the farm (known as public work in the South)?

  2. To what degree does your household depend on the farm for income and benefits?

  1. Roughly what would you estimate is the current ratio of your farm debts to farm assets? (no debt, debts less than 10 percent assets, debts 10 to 40 percent assets, debts exceed 40 percent of assets)

  2. Are you comfortable with your current debt levels?

  1. Do you have workers assisting you on the farm?

  2. Have you been able to find adequate labor to sustain operation and quality of life?

  3. What specific practices do you use to ensure labor is treated fairly?

  4. How do labor issues affect your decisions about which production practices to use?

  1. Do you have crop insurance?

  2. What would cause you to purchase crop insurance?

  3. If you currently have it, how could the policy be improved?

  4. How important is crop insurance to your farm’s long-term financial security?

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