Teacher: So, the first rule of the Taxman game is:


The Taxman must get something every time.

That means you can't choose if there aren't any factors of that number still in the list. The only other rule is this:


When none of the numbers in the list has any factors left in the list, then the game is over, and the Taxman gets all the numbers that are left in the list.

Student E: I don't get the second rule.

Teacher: Let's play a game together to see what this second rule means. We'll use the same list:

What would you like to start with?

Student F: 6. [Teacher gives chalk to Student F, who crosses off the "6" and records 6 points for You.]

Student A: So the Taxman gets 3 and 2 [crosses them off the list] …

Student B: … and 1 [crosses off 1 and updates the score].

Student F: So now you could take 5.

Student E: No you can't! 5 doesn't have any factors that are left on the list.

Student F: Oh, OK. The 1's not there any more. How about 4?

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