FIGURE 6.6 NIAAA AIDS Funding by Mechanism, 1987–1992. Source: NIAAA Budget Office.


Since it first initiated its AIDS program, NIAAA has devoted much of its extramural and intramural research efforts to biomedical issues. NIAAA's broad research goal in this area is to elucidate how alcohol alters the immune system in ways that may compromise host defense against HIV. In October 1991, NIAAA issued a program announcement—Research grants on alcohol and immunology including AIDS—to stimulate research on effects of alcohol consumption on the biological and biochemical mechanisms involved in the etiology of immunologic dysfunction.

NIAAA's extramural research support has included research grants and supplemental funding to Alcohol Research Centers and grants for AIDS-related issues. Extramural research projects include a broad spectrum of basic and clinical immunological research, including investigations of (1) alcohol and susceptibility to infection;

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