coordinated, parallel effort persists in these related areas, significant advances will be made in the understanding of materials fire safety not only for commercial aircraft interiors but also in many other areas where fire safety is a concern.


  • Sustain the effort to develop significantly improved fire-resistant materials as a long-term research program, with clearly stated goals, plans for systematic technology development, and stable financial commitment.

  • Continue to follow developments in fire safety in the materials and aerospace industries, as well as in related industries. Coordinate within the U.S. Department of Transportation and with other federal agencies conducting related research, including the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, the departments of Defense, Energy, Transportation, Commerce, and the National Science Foundation.


The findings of the committee have been organized into five chapters, with relevant background information included in the appendices. Chapter 1 introduces the study task and report objectives. Chapter 2 describes the array of design criteria that influence the selection and use of aircraft interior materials. Chapter 3 focuses on the evaluation and prediction of how aircraft materials perform in fires. Chapter 4 addresses the goal of developing substantially improved fire-resistant materials. Chapter 5 presents the committee's conclusions and recommendations for long-term research in fire-resistant materials development.

Appendix A is a glossary of fire-related terms. Appendix B provides a description of FAA research and developmental mandates in aviation safety and fire-research program plans. Appendix C discusses current fire-modeling capabilities. Appendix D provides a discussion of toxicity models and testing methods, and Appendix E contains biographical sketches of committee members.

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