fSchedule A: HbOC (Lederle Praxis) or PRP-T (Pasteur Merieux).

gSchedule B: PRP-OMP (Merck Sharp & Dohme).

hHep B: Hepatitis B vaccine. For use among infants born to mothers seronegative for hepatitis B. (All infants born to seropositive mothers should receive immunoprophylaxis for hepatitis B virus as soon as possible after birth.) Hepatitis B vaccine can be given at the same visit with DTP (or DTaP), OPV, Hib and/or MMR vaccines.

iCan begin at 6 weeks of age.

jThe American Academy of Pediatrics recommends giving this OPV dose at 6–18 months of age.

kAfter the primary infant vaccination series is completed, any of the licensed Hib conjugate vaccines may be used as a booster dose at age 12–15 months.

lDTaP: Diphtheria, tetanus, and acellular pertussis vaccine. This dose of DTP can be administered as early as 12 months of age provided that the interval since the previous dose of DTP is at least 6 months. DTaP is currently recommended only for use as the fourth and/or fifth doses of the DTP series among children at ages 15 months through 6 years (before seventh birthday). Some experts prefer to administer these vaccines at 18 months of age.

mThe American Academy of Pediatrics recommends giving this MMR dose at entry to middle school or junior high school.

SOURCE: Adapted from CDC (1994c).

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