Energy and Energy Conservation

Energy and Energy Conservation


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Improving the Assessment of the Proliferation Risk of Nuclear Fuel Cycles (2013)

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Sustainability for the Nation: Resource Connection and Governance Linkages (2013)

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Review of the Research Program of the U.S. DRIVE Partnership: Fourth Report (2013)

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An Evaluation of the U.S. Department of Energy's Marine and Hydrokinetic Resource Assessments (2013)

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Assessment of Advanced Solid State Lighting (2013)

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Emerging Workforce Trends in the U.S. Energy and Mining Industries: A Call to Action (2013)

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Transitions to Alternative Vehicles and Fuels (2013)

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Energy Reduction at U.S. Air Force Facilities Using Industrial Processes: A Workshop Summary (2013)

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Sustainable Development of Algal Biofuels in the United States (2012)

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Terrorism and the Electric Power Delivery System (2012)

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