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Computing Research for Sustainability (2012)

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Communicating Science and Engineering Data in the Information Age (2012)

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Wireless Technology Prospects and Policy Options (2011)

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Spectrum Management for Science in the 21st Century (2010)

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Ensuring the Integrity, Accessibility, and Stewardship of Research Data in the Digital Age (2009)

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Assessing the Impacts of Changes in the Information Technology R&D Ecosystem: Retaining Leadership in an Increasingly Global Environment (2009)

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Innovative Flanders: Innovation Policies for the 21st Century: Report of a Symposium (2008)

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Innovation in Global Industries: U.S. Firms Competing in a New World (Collected Studies) (2008)

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State Voter Registration Databases: Immediate Actions and Future Improvements, Interim Report (2008)

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