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Pathways to Urban Sustainability: Lessons from the Atlanta Metropolitan Region: Summary of a Workshop (2011)

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Missouri River Planning: Recognizing and Incorporating Sediment Management (2011)

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Implementing the New Biology: Decadal Challenges Linking Food, Energy, and the Environment: Summary of a Workshop, June 3-4, 2010 (2010)

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Pathways to Urban Sustainability: Research and Development on Urban Systems (2010)

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Toward Sustainable Agricultural Systems in the 21st Century (2010)

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Certifiably Sustainable?: The Role of Third-Party Certification Systems: Report of a Workshop (2010)

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Engineering, Social Justice, and Sustainable Community Development: Summary of a Workshop (2010)

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Expanding Biofuel Production: Sustainability and the Transition to Advanced Biofuels: Summary of a Workshop (2010)

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Liquid Transportation Fuels from Coal and Biomass: Technological Status, Costs, and Environmental Impacts (2009)

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America's Energy Future: Technology and Transformation (2009)

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