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The Role of Telehealth in an Evolving Health Care Environment: Workshop Summary (2012)

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Accelerating the Development of New Drugs and Diagnostics: Maximizing the Impact of the Cures Acceleration Network: Workshop Summary (2012)

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Envisioning a Transformed Clinical Trials Enterprise in the United States: Establishing an Agenda for 2020: Workshop Summary (2012)

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Ranking Vaccines: A Prioritization Framework: Phase I: Demonstration of Concept and a Software Blueprint (2012)

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Assuring a Future U.S.-Based Nuclear and Radiochemistry Expertise (2012)

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Evolution of Translational Omics: Lessons Learned and the Path Forward (2012)

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Ethical and Scientific Issues in Studying the Safety of Approved Drugs (2012)

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Facing the Reality of Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis: Challenges and Potential Solutions in India: Summary of a Joint Workshop by the Institute of Medicine, the Indian National Science Academy, and the Indian Council of Medical Research (2012)

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Monitoring HIV Care in the United States: Indicators and Data Systems (2012)

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Genome-Based Diagnostics: Clarifying Pathways to Clinical Use: Workshop Summary (2012)

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