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ACRP Report 51: Risk Assessment Method to Support Modification of Airfield Separation Standards (2011)

ACRP Report 44: A Guidebook for the Preservation of Public-Use Airports (2011)

ACRP Report 49: Collaborative Airport Capital Planning Handbook (2011)

ACRP Report 50: Improved Models for Risk Assessment of Runway Safety Areas (2011)

ACRP Report 46: Handbook for Analyzing the Costs and Benefits of Alternative Aviation Turbine Engine Fuels at Airports (2011)

HMCRP Report 4: Emerging Technologies Applicable to Hazardous Materials Transportation Safety and Security (2011)

ACRP Report 47: Guidebook for Developing and Leasing Airport Property (2011)

ACRP Report 45: Optimizing the Use of Aircraft Deicing and Anti-Icing Fluids (2011)

ACRP Report 48: Impact of Jet Fuel Price Uncertainty on Airport Planning and Development (2011)

ACRP Synthesis 22: Common Airport Pavement Maintenance Practices (2011)