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NCHRP Report 664: Measuring Transportation Network Performance (2010)

ACRP Report 35: Planning for Offsite Airport Terminals (2010)

TCRP Synthesis 86: Relationships Between Streetcars and the Built Environment (2010)

NCHRP Synthesis 407: Effective Public Involvement Using Limited Resources (2010)

NCFRP Report 4: Representing Freight in Air Quality and Greenhouse Gas Models (2010)

NCHRP Research Results Digest 348: State Department of Transportation Role in the Implementation of Transportation Demand Management Programs (2010)

NCHRP Report 662: Accelerating Transportation Project and Program Delivery: Conception to Completion (2010)

NCHRP Report 661: A Guidebook for Corridor-Based Statewide Transportation Planning (2010)

TCRP Report 95 Chapter 19: Employer and Institutional TDM Strategies -- Traveler Response to Transportation System Changes (2010)

TCRP Synthesis 85: Effective Use of Citizen Advisory Committees for Transit Planning Operations (2010)