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ACRP Report 64: ACRP 65: Handbook for Evaluating Emissions and Costs of APUs and Alternative Systems (2012)

TCRP Synthesis 92: Transit Asset Condition Reporting (2011)

NCFRP Report 13: Freight Facility Location Selection: A Guide for Public Officials (2011)

ACRP Synthesis 25: Strategies for Reuse of Underutilized or Vacant Airport Facilities (2011)

TCRP Research Results Digest 102: Public Transportation Systems as the Foundation for Economic Growth (2011)

NCFRP Report 11: Truck Drayage Productivity Guide (2011)

ACRP Report 48: Impact of Jet Fuel Price Uncertainty on Airport Planning and Development (2011)

NCHRP Report 677: Development of Levels of Service for the Interstate Highway System (2010)

NCFRP Report 7: Identifying and Using Low-Cost and Quickly Implementable Ways to Address Freight-System Mobility Constraints (2010)

NCHRP Report 664: Measuring Transportation Network Performance (2010)