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NCHRP Report 661: A Guidebook for Corridor-Based Statewide Transportation Planning (2010)

NCHRP Research Results Digest 345: Alternate Strategies for Safety Improvement Investments (2010)

ACRP Report 28: Marketing Guidebook for Small Airports (2010)

ACRP Report 18: Passenger Air Service Development Techniques (2009)

NCFRP Report 1: Public and Private Sector Interdependence in Freight Transportation Markets (2009)

NCHRP Report 625: Procedures Guide for Right-of-Way Cost Estimation and Cost Management (2009)

SHRP 2 Report S2-C02-RR: Performance Measurement Framework for Highway Capacity Decision Making (2009)

TCRP Report 131: A Guidebook for the Evaluation of Project Delivery Methods (2009)

NCHRP Report 632: An Asset-Management Framework for the Interstate Highway System (2009)

NCHRP Synthesis 391: Public-Sector Decision Making for Public-Private Partnerships (2009)