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NCFRP Report 8: Freight-Demand Modeling to Support Public-Sector Decision Making (2010)

NCFRP Report 7: Identifying and Using Low-Cost and Quickly Implementable Ways to Address Freight-System Mobility Constraints (2010)

NCFRP Report 4: Representing Freight in Air Quality and Greenhouse Gas Models (2010)

NCFRP Report 5: North American Marine Highways (2010)

NCHRP Report 657: Guidebook for Implementing Passenger Rail Service on Shared Passenger and Freight Corridors (2010)

HMCRP Report 1: Hazardous Materials Transportation Incident Data for Root Cause Analysis (2009)

NCFRP Report 2: Institutional Arrangements for Freight Transportation Systems (2009)

NCFRP Report 1: Public and Private Sector Interdependence in Freight Transportation Markets (2009)

CTBSSP Synthesis 16: Safety Impacts of Speed Limiter Device Installations on Commercial Trucks and Buses (2009)

NCHRP Report 525 Volume 13: A Guide to Traffic Control of Rural Roads in an Agricultural Emergency (2008)