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TCRP Legal Research Digest 32: Reconciling Security, Disclosure, and Record-Retention Requirements in Transit Procurements (2010)

HMCRP Report 1: Hazardous Materials Transportation Incident Data for Root Cause Analysis (2009)

ACRP Report 22: Helping Airport and Air Carrier Employees Cope with Traumatic Events (2009)

NCHRP Synthesis 392: Transportation's Role in Emergency Evacuation and Reentry (2009)

ACRP Report 12: An Airport Guide for Regional Emergency Planning for CBRNE Events (2009)

NCHRP Report 525 Volume 15: Costing Asset Protection: An All-Hazards Guide for Transportation Agencies (CAPTA) (2009)

NCHRP Report 525 Volume 13: A Guide to Traffic Control of Rural Roads in an Agricultural Emergency (2008)

ACRP Report 5: Quarantine Facilities for Arriving Air Travelers: Identification of Planning Needs and Costs (2008)

Fusion of Security System Data to Improve Airport Security (2007)

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NCHRP Report 525 Volume 12: Making Transportation Tunnels Safe and Secure (2007)